Boardroom and Front Room Reservations

We’re now using a Google calendar to manage our boardroom and front room reservations. You’ll need a Google account to access it. If you don’t have a Google account already you’ll have the opportunity to create one.

First step – Open a Gmail account.

Second step – Email me at and I will invite you to join the Calendar.

When booking please tag with either “Board” or “Front”


A wireless network provides the primary Internet access for members with laptops. A limited number of wired Internet jacks will be available shortly after opening depending on demand. Connection details for the wireless network:

Network Name (SSID):
No Encryption (WEP)


Want to add the Queen Street Commons printer to your computer setup?

Go to your computer’s settings for “adding a printer” and try the automatic system for setting up a “network printer.”  If it finds an Epson WorkForce 630, you’re in business.

In case your computer can’t find the printer automatically:

  • Ensure you are either plugged into the Commons’ network, or are connected to the Wificharlottetown wireless network.
  • In most cases, simply adding the IP address of the printer is enough.Try entering “”, and, if presented with a protocol option, select JetDirect. The default “port” will work fine.
  • If the driver for the Epson WorkForce 630 does not appear in your list of drivers, try using the “Epson WorkForce 615.”
  • If you’re still having difficulties, you may need to go online and download the driver file (or use the install disk, which is tacked to the Commons’ bulletin board.)
  • Print a test page to make sure everything is working.”



You can also find these directions at – Click on Services in the banner (at top of the web page) – Scroll down to the section on Printing and follow directions for your computer’s operating system.


Common Computers

One computer is located in the hallway. This system is intended for checking email, quick web browsing, printing.


The mailing address for the Commons is:

224 Queen St.
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 4B6

Members can use this address with their name. The mail will be delivered in a general mailbox outside the Commons door and slotted in the appropriate cubbyholes inside at the business centre in the hallway.


QSC Members VOIP phone system features extensions, voicemail and mp3 email option.

To leave a message, the caller needs to enter the extension number when prompted.

Members can access their messages by calling the QSC phone number – 367-3547, then *99 to login to the voice mail system. Enter password.

Voice: 902-367-3547 Fax: 902-367-3564

Here is a document with the full list of services – QSC Membership Info.pdf

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