Commons Academy

Queen Street Commons Offering The Mini MBA for $5 a pop

In reality most organizations on PEI, either for Profit or not, are very very small. Many of us very very small organizations have pressing questions but where can we get practical answers?

We at the Queen Street Commons have decided to focus on the very very small – after all, our members are just that. We have pressing practical problems too and have found out that many of our members have good answers.

So to start off we will host a series of sessions about topics that many would like to know more about. here is the starting line up.

Qsclunch and learn
For members – the cost is free and for you who are not $5.0.

Here is our Winter Program

2012 Queen Street Commons Lunch& Learn Schedule

Register here:

Do you know things that would help a very small organization? Here are some ideas we are working on:

Confirmed Participants for 2012:
  • Suzanne Scott – the Potter’s Daughter: Transforming a Traditional Business – using social media, e-commerce (Etsey) and the on line community to bring a small family business into the digital age.
  • David/ Em Zember – Great Canadian Soap Company: Logistics for Small Business – how to manage logistics to ensure your small retail business is a global player
  • Dianne Birt : Managing Stress and Maintaining Mental Health  Using Holistic Nutrition, Fitness & Activity
Ideas in Development:
    •  For private contractors / consultants / freelancers: establishing fair but competitive rates, things to consider
    •  Web analytics
    •  Specific software workshops – practical tips re: use of specific project management, accounting , etc. software
    • Craft beer brewers, home brewers and producers of microbrewing infrastructure/ technology
    • Produce: the Pitfalls & Successes of Taking Your Product Directly to Your Buyer (Direct Marketing)
    • Making the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Business Model Successful.
    • Barnyard Organics: Finding Markets for Commercial Scale Organic Production
    • Small Business Insurance
    •  Top Search Results – TBD
    • What Is on PEI? – TBD
    • Taking Over & Transforming a Traditional Family Farm Business
    • Getting the Right Message Out – Tips for Small Business
    • HR Management, Accounting for Managers, Strategy – this may be more of a workshop format
    • Using Stories & Storytelling to Effectively Manage People
    • Workshop on Project Management
    • Government Funding programs to Support Small Business

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