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Where do want to work?

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Co Working Manifesto

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Vacationing on PEI and need to keep in touch at work – Hey call us

For Freelancers there is no such thing as a holiday – we can work anywhere and often out in a few hours whenever. I was struck by this post on the topic of co-working spaces and Island Vacations. They were talking tropics but we on PEI have a lot of visitors – check us out.

There’s a new meaning to the term ‘working holiday’, and it doesn’t involve donning a backpack, queuing in foreign embassies to obtain a visa, and sending reams of CV’s to every hospitality business in the destination of choice. But the new working vacation can be just as liberating. There are a number of coworking spaces located on small islands notorious for holiday-makers that cater for the (very) remote worker. They offer sun, sand, surf, a range of outdoor activities and clean air, alongside all those useful amenities found in coworking spaces in a bustling metropolis.

Is Coworking the New Incubator?

An Article by Dave Bunnell & Jeannine van der Linden

The concept of the business incubator was born in an old factory divided up to house many small companies, including a chicken hatchery. Today incubators are facing challenges, especially those that exist on public funds. Their closed-door approach is contrasted with coworking’s open attitude. Does coworking now introduce a policy of openness to incubators? Or do coworking spaces even pose a threat to the concept of business incubation?

In this in-depth overview, writers Dave Bunnell and Jeannine van der Linden give a detailed history of both incubation and coworking, and explain how hybrids of both concepts are emerging. They submitted this guest post to Deskmag:

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