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How would a Credit Union become the “Bank” of the Future?

Bad News – Good News

How would a Credit Union change to meet the needs of the new networked customers?

There are two major elements in the new skills that you will have to acquire and one key attribute, Alignment.

  • The main work is Group Forming – Facilitating Community and Collaboration – Collaboration has to be your daily normal. You know that this is not who you are.
You will see that most of the hard work to get from A to Z will be based in your mindset and culture. To be successful we change this normal:
To this one:

This is not like learning a new credit skill or a sales technique. This is learning how to be a new and different person and a new and different organization. This is transformation.

To make this even harder, you also have to continue to run your old business in the old way as you grow this new and entirely different business.

No one can simply throw money at this challenge. But if you have the right cultural DNA, and you do, and you are smart and open, then you can do this.

Here is why this is so.

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