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Need a Financial Business Guide? Ronda Bellefontaine is it!

I attended a Lunch and Learn today at the QSC where Ronda Bellefontaine was our speaker. Her topic was how a small business can maximize the potential of their year end. We all HATE this side of our business. I expected a technical talk – but as I have a new business I showed up.

I was blown away! In 45 minutes I leaned more about how to look at my business that at any previous time ever. ¬†What Ronda does is to help you “see” things that we all miss because we are too close and don’t ask the best questions about.

If you want to see your business with fresh eyes and see new opportunities that you might have missed I encourage you to give her a call. Very pragmatic very personal – hence her business name “Like nobody’s business” for we are all different.


Here is a link that will tell you more.