Edmond Ratelle

Edmond R. Ratelle, RSW, CH, is a
therapist/counsellor and hypnotist. A social worker by training, he is a
graduate of the Social Work program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario,
and is registered with the PEI Social Work Registration Board. He is also a
member of the PEI Association of Social Workers. Ed also holds a degree in
Religious Studies from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

He is a former chaplain in the
Canadian Armed Forces. His military experience led him to take part in United
Nation’s peacekeeping missions, including coordinating humanitarian assistance
in theatre. Throughout his military service he was called upon to exercise his
counseling skills with both military members and families, and to advise
military commanders on matters concerning the well being of all military
personnel. He retired from the military with the rank of Major, his last
position being that of Chaplain at the Royal Military College of Canada in
Kingston, Ontario.

His clinical work with people spans
a period of over 30 years. As part of his long-standing practice as a social
worker, Ed increasingly applied hypnotherapy and was impressed by its
usefulness. Today, as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Member of the National
Guild of Hypnotists, he has a busy hypnosis practice as well as his clinical
counselling. His work also includes seminars and workshops, his most popular,
“Stop Smoking with Hypnosis”. Participants enjoy a relaxed, safe and respectful
hypnosis experience, empowering them to let go of their smoking addiction
painlessly, and without irritability or weight gain.

For additional information please
visit his website at http://www.ratellehypnosis.com

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