Tara Costello-Ledwell

Tara is a mental performance consultant, a member of the  Canadian Sport     Psychology Association and a service provider with the Canadian Sport Center- Atlantic.  She has a B.A. in Psychology from U.P.E.I., an M.A. in Human Kinetics (mental training specialization) from the University of Ottawa and continues to participate in on-going learning and training. She has ten years teaching experience in the Sport and Leisure Management program at Holland College where she taught exercise adherence and health promotion,  leadership and sport psychology.  Tara has worked with many Island and regional athletes on mental performance consulting and does individual consulting and workshops on exercise and health promotion. She is passionate and skilled in making sense of complex theories and their practical application to performance and well-being.

One response to “Tara Costello-Ledwell

  1. Barr y Madigan

    hello there…
    so how are you doing??/ Sharon and I were talking about you on the weekend.
    what number can i reach you …
    our is 612-435-4021
    Looking forward to talking and catching up

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