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2014 at the Queen Street Commons

2014 is in full swing and the Queen Street Commons is preparing to launch a number of events that will bring together like-minded folks for learning, networking and general merriment. First up on the docket is a Lunch N’ Learn series that will take place every Wednesday from March 26th to May 14th. A wide array of topics will be covered, including Financial Planning, Taking Charge of Your health, and Being an Olympian in Your Own Life.  Stay tuned for the full schedule and details!


3D Printing is here on PEI and Your Kid can learn about it from Tom

20 years ago I spent $2,000 on Tandy Computer for my son James. It was a lot of money then. It’s a lot now! But it was the best thing I ever did for him. Aged 11 then James dived in and mastered what was going on. His life was transformed.

Those who are “naturals” in the use of computers now are in a favoured place in our economy.

This process is repeating itself with 3D Printers. Here is Tom Haan and Mauren Kerr who are working in our schools now to help your kids. I hope that we can get behind them and this so that most kids on PEI can learn how to use this exciting technology – where we can make things the make way that we can design 2D today.

So here is Tom and Mo – see how excited the kids are!!!!

Need a Financial Business Guide? Ronda Bellefontaine is it!

I attended a Lunch and Learn today at the QSC where Ronda Bellefontaine was our speaker. Her topic was how a small business can maximize the potential of their year end. We all HATE this side of our business. I expected a technical talk – but as I have a new business I showed up.

I was blown away! In 45 minutes I leaned more about how to look at my business that at any previous time ever.  What Ronda does is to help you “see” things that we all miss because we are too close and don’t ask the best questions about.

If you want to see your business with fresh eyes and see new opportunities that you might have missed I encourage you to give her a call. Very pragmatic very personal – hence her business name “Like nobody’s business” for we are all different.


Here is a link that will tell you more.

Should I get an education or a degree? From John Robb

John Robb is one of the best thinkers on Resiliency – his blog on resiliency is here.

Here is a post today that sums up the preparation for the world that is emerging – the world of where you make your living yourself in a network – “The Maker Economy”

Should I get an education or a degree?

I’m often asked by young people either on the cusp or already in college:  should I get a degree?   What’s the resilient choice?

That’s a tough question.

In 2008 some economists demonstrated that a college degree was typically worth $300,000 over a lifetime of work.

Unfortunately, 2008 was a lifetime ago.  The big bureaucratic conveyor belt of industrial education that led to a lifetime of white collar employment is done.  Put a fork in it.

From now on, the majority of us will need to manufacture our own work.  Either by starting our own local businesses or showing sooo much excellence in an area of interest online, that other people can’t wait to work with us.

This gets us back to the original question:  should I get a degree?

My answer is that you should be asking yourself:  to really do what I am passionate about, should I get an education or a degree?

  • For the few that want (or can, given the competition for the few slots available) to serve in a bureaucratic capacity at some global company or institution, the answer is still a degree.
  • For those of us that want to start our own business, the answer often is:  I need an education.
  • For those of us that already have a degree, but want to move forward in a new direction:  I need an education.

If education is your answer, your future is looking bright.  Resilient Education is already here and it is getting better, broader, and richer fast.  Best of all, it’s inexpensive (and in most cases, free).

Where can I find it?  There are lots of efforts underway, but the best is Khan Academy.  Take a look at the course catalog.   It’s rich.  Amazing.  Many of the people I know are already using Khan Academy for all of their continuing education.

Thing is, if life without the protection of a degree sounds scary, then you aren’t resilient.

Welcome to the Queen Street Commons

The Queen Street Commons is a simple idea. Bring interesting people together to share space, services, and costs. The commons is set up with private work spaces, common rooms, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and an eating area. As a group we can do more and afford more.

Located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the Queen Street Commons is a place for people to work, meet, and relax. The space is designed to be used by individuals and by groups. Services include wireless internet, printers, fax, phones, mail delivery, and boardroom.

The Commons is also a hub for the growing network of artisanal entrepreneurs who offer personal products and services such as artisanal food, pottery, therapy and who tap into the global market for a more trusted and a more human business.