Queen Street Commons to Host StartUp Canada

Back ground

The Queen Street Commons  is a social hub for many of the small and personal entrepreneurs that are driving the real new personal economy on PEI where most business has less than 5 employees and the majority less than 3. Our members are very diverse. They include Artists, Musicians, Developers and Programmers, Marketers, Financial Consultants, Therapists, Retailers, Foodies and more.

To celebrate the visit of the StartUp Canada team, the QSC has invited for dinner at the Queen Street Commons (QSC) 224 Queen Street, Charlottetown at 6:00pm Tuesday May 8th. Many who are well known in their own networks to come together and to enjoy each other’s company and discover how we might all help each other strengthen the network.

Our hope is that this night may be a beginning of a real network of ultra small business entrepreneurs on PEI. Something similar took place when blogging was new and Will Pate asked a few of us to lunch. The result was that silverorange moved downtown. Reinvented moved in with them. The QSC started. Rob Paterson worked with Jevon MacDonald for 4 years and a host of other good things. All begun with Sushi!

We hope that this will be an opportunity is for each of PEI’s sub networks to get connected. For the craft folks to meet the tech folks, the writers to meet the artists, the foodies meet the marketers, the consultants to meet the musicians etc. This is an image of what we all might look like if we do get together:


Right now we each live in our own little world.

The question before us is this. What if we could make this larger network real? We could help finance each other as we have done for Raymond Loo and Patrick Ledwell. We could sell each other services. We could offer each other advice and access to our own networks. The better the network, the more powerful the very small business.

Our friends from StartUp Canada can then help us link up nationally into an uber network in Canada and the UK and the US.