Do you want to take charge of your health? Learn More at the Queen St Commons April 11

Are you interested in taking charge of your health? If so we, Robin and Robert Paterson,  are putting on a short Lunch and Learn at the Queen St Commons 224 Queen St at 12 noon April 11. We plan to give you a glimpse at why this is possible, what pragmatic steps you can take and what are the best resources that we have found in the last 12 months that have helped us the most.

You can email me or go to our event facebook page

About a year ago we made a big decision. We were going to take charge of our health. We were blessed with some excellent advice from one of the world’s top scientists on aging, Dr Michael Rose, and we went off and did a lot of homework on the new science of health and aging.

By taking some straightforward steps in diet and how we lived, we have pulled ourselves back from the brink. Not only have we lost a lot of weight, but more importantly our health has improved. I, Rob, went for being pre diabetic to having the metabolism of a 25 year old. Robin’s chronic and painful arthritis has gone.

You can prevent chronic illness and you can get well if you have it.

In this 45 minute session we will:

  • Show you the new science of how to age well
  • Offer you our hard won pragmatic advice for how to change what you eat and do and how to cope with the deep desires to go back to our old ways
  • Offer you a guide to the best people and information that we have found in a year of searching for good material on the web – so that you can help yourself understand more

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