Visible Path Coaching (our very own Sue Sullivan) Launches Information Network

Group Coaching for Youth

Youth Coach Sue Sullivan, CPC will begin holding Group Coaching sessions for Youth.  The sessions will be held at Queen Street Commons.  Topics will be relevant to the issues today’s young people are dealing with in school and society.  Topics will change often and group size is 12 youth per sessionGroup Coaching is a forum where youth can come and talk in a confidential and neutral environment about their personal experiences with other youth who may have had similar or different experiences.  Sue will facilitate the conversation, ask questions of the group when necessary, and express insight to the group on what is being said by the group.  Group sessions are kept to 12 youth to maintain an atmosphere which is comfortable for an open discussion.  Due to limited session size it is important to reserve a space for the sessions.  A minimal fee is charged per session. To become a part of the email information network which receives updates on all session information contact Sue through her website, by email at or call at 393-3893.


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