Grow Potatoes on Pavement!

Be an Urban Farmer in 8 Easy Steps

Join Karen Murchison, P.Ag, former aggie and aspiring urban farmer at the Queen Street Commons (QSC) as we launch our series of workshops and short courses:  Growing Food – the Basics.

The series will begin with a new course: Eight Steps to Being an Urban Farmer; which provides a whole system approach to designing your urban farm space. This course will provide accelerated training in planning, design and basic permaculture concepts.  It will draw from real world examples to provide a broader sense that creating your own Urban Farm is a continuous learning process.

During this course you will:

  • Create a step-by-step plan to transform your home and the land around your home into your own Urban Farm.
  • Obtain a deeper understanding of concepts such as:
    • Site design
    • Rain harvesting
    • Solar aspect and site planning
    • Soil health and pest management
    • Seed saving and propagation
    • How to observe to create change
  • Meet and interact with others creating their own Urban Farm.
  • Participate in site visits so that you can begin to integrate what you are learning.
  • Create together a public Urban Farm site in downtown Charlottetown.

Module 1

  • Session 1 explores the importance of producing your own food and examines issues surrounding environment, health & nutrition and food sovereignty
  • Session 2 explores site observation, assessing your space, water, soil, tools, and defining your garden goals.
  • Session 3 explores the types of gardens available, site preparation, building healthy soil, composting and non-composting.
  • Session 4 explores planting your water first, watering methods, mulching, what to plant when, annuals vs perennials, seed types and planting techniques.

 Module 2 Hands On Sessions:

  • Session 5 initiates the planning process for individual urban farming projects
  • Session 6 consults a local nursery, seed house and gardening supplier to get hands on experience of what to buy for an urban farm without spending too much.
  • Sessions 7 creates the plans for the public Urban Farm and individual Urban Farms
  • Session 8 dives into the Urban Farm for soil prep, sheet mulching, watering systems, and planting.
  • Open Session(s) observes your work, visits the gardens discusses disease and pests.

The Eight Steps to Being an Urban Farmer course will be offered at the Queen Street Commons in Charlottetown in two modules. Module 1 begins Wednesday February 15 and continues weekly through to March 07, 2012. Weekly sessions will run from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.  Module 2 begins Wednesday, March 21 through to April 11, 2012.

Cost is $100 per person per module and includes instruction and any necessary resources or materials. Space is limited to 10 per module.  Register early to ensure a space.  Register online at:

The Growing Food Series is designed to take you on a journey to rethink how you view your living space. Whether you live on a large property, in an apartment, condo or townhouse these courses will transform your perceptions of how to live an urban farm lifestyle.

Through the Queen Street Commons we will begin to offer a wide range of classes on urban agriculture, urban orchards and living green. Classes will be held at our Charlottetown site and will typically be two hours in length. They are designed to target a specific project like keeping urban chickens or water harvesting. For a full list of these classes visit soon our Commons Academy page.


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