What do we have to unlearn when we stop looking for a job? Helplessness – what we learned at school!

What did you really learn at school? Why do you have to unlearn this? How do you pull this off?

The quick answer is that you learned how to be helpless and you need to learn how to be self-sufficient.

So why should you do this and how can you do it?

Why? Because the Job is going away – for ever.  You were taught to be helpless at school to prepare you for a job. The new economy demands that you be self-sufficient. This is the skill that you need more than any other. For if you cannot rely on yourself in the economy that is replacing the job, it matters not what other skills you have.

Learned Helplessness is (defined as):

a phenomenon in which individuals gradually, usually as a result of repeated failure or control by others, become less willing to attempt tasks. (D.D. Smith, 2001)

The key phrase here is “…as a result of repeated failure or control by others…”

Workers, like the students they once were, “learn” to be patient and compliant ultimately to the detriment of their organizations. They learn to be helpless in the face of repeated failure and systems of control. (More and the Source Here)

How did we learn to be a cipher? When we know that, we can know how to unlearn it.

Real learning comes not from a book or a class but from long-term modelling – copying and immersion. This is how our parents teach us to be a member of the family.

This is also what happened at school.

  • There is an institution/organization that does this – in this case “School” and then your employer
  • The Teacher and the other students modelled control and obedience.
  • You were immersed in a world view that broke the whole into parts.
  • You had to repeat back to the high status teacher what she told you was right. Original thought was punished as was non conformist behaviour
  • You were rewarded for conforming to this model with a ticket to the Job World – A Credential
  • All this took place over decades!

So to alter this world view that has been drummed into you, you need to reverse the program. It’s no quick and easy thing to do.

You have to deprogram your self from the cult of the Job and you being a dependent.

In a Co Working site then you can find all the features that you need to unlearn and to learn how to be a new you in a new world.

Like school all of this is rooted in a place that has a set of values. In a Co Working site  you:

  • Are in a safe real place that models the new
  • Are surrounded not by “experts” but by peers who model the behaviours
  • Are rewarded by modelling this your self. The more you are real, the more support you get, the more work you get. You don’t get a piece of paper that is your credential – you get the real thing

It all takes time though. You are being transformed from a person who thinks that the human world is this –

To this –

The world you live in is being transformed from this –

To this –

This is what I mean by “Transformation”.

It is by being your true self that you can have real relationships. It is in having a network based on this that you can make it in the new world that is coming.

I don’t see another way of getting to this point. Can you read a book and undo 25 years of programming? Can you take lessons from an “expert”. Isn’t that being back at school again?

So what to do?

If you are at school now – think of joining a co working space and finding your way. You have lots to offer and lots to learn from others there. So if you have a job but worry about keeping it – don’t wait until you lose your job, try a co working space and ease your way into the new world.

Good luck


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