Freelancer, Self Employed, Independent Worker?

Does this describe you?  Or are you looking to get started as a freelancer or starting up your own small business? How do you get started? How do you find projects?

If you are an independent worker or thinking of becoming one or even being forced into the independent workforce through corporate layoffs take comfort in the reality that YOU ARE NOT ALONE , in fact, on PEI alone 41% of  businesses have no employees and it is anticipated that this segment will continue to grow: If you are just entering the independent workforce then it’s all very nice for someone to suggest that: you are not alone; that you are part of a growing segment in the PEI economy; and, that what you are experiencing on the frontier of independent employment is more the norm now than the outlier. But what of the practical implications of this new reality?

You’re on your own and all you have is a highly valuable (if somewhat intangible) skill set that you need to convert into a living and you’re probably nervous and uncertain, almost every independent worker anywhere has felt this way . . . . at least most of the gang that is resident at the Queen Street Commons has.

Coworking eases that transition from traditional work  to independent work. It is the place where new entrants to the independent workforce come to learn how to be successful in this new workplace. It is most importantly a network of support  and knowledge. It is a network which helps newcomers to the independent workforce navigate through the transition and it is the same network which collaborates with you once you emerge from the transition.

Here at the Queen Street Commons, the members are mostly well established as small independent business owners and everyone here has survived the transition into the new workforce. Truth is, everyone here would consider themselves successful independent workers who are well integrated into the independent worker network . The other reality here is that many of these independents often work together and every single one of the members here is committed to offering whatever support they can to ensure success for each other. it truly is a Community of Collaborators.

The Queen Street Commons more formally  facilitates some of this collaboration through our  biweekly Lunch & Learn sessions. At our Lunch & Learn sessions, we look to bring together independent workers to share practical information relevant to the operation of their businesses.  Our members have shared practical advice on social media, management tools, e-commerce, accounting, and export analysis.  The discussion is always productive and everyone leaves with some piece of information which will help them achieve greater success in their own small business.

This is how it starts.


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