Welcome to the Queen Street Commons

The Queen Street Commons is a simple idea. Bring interesting people together to share space, services, and costs. The commons is set up with private work spaces, common rooms, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and an eating area. As a group we can do more and afford more.

Located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the Queen Street Commons is a place for people to work, meet, and relax. The space is designed to be used by individuals and by groups. Services include wireless internet, printers, fax, phones, mail delivery, and boardroom.

The Commons is also a hub for the growing network of artisanal entrepreneurs who offer personal products and services such as artisanal food, pottery, therapy and who tap into the global market for a more trusted and a more human business.


3 responses to “Welcome to the Queen Street Commons

  1. The Queen St. Commons looks like a wonderful space. I found out about coworking while researching coffee houses where I could paint. I have been to our local coworking spot, Conjucnctured several times.

  2. I love the concept!

    I’m considering joining, but I don’t get to Charlottetown frequently enough these days; I’m in Eastern Kings.

    Good on you for launching the Commons. I wish I lived closer!

  3. Don’t forget to checkout the upcoming lunch & learns!